My history
...I started drawing cars from the moment I could pick up a pencil, before I could walk, before I could talk... nobody really knows why exactly but thats what I did. And thus at 42 years old I can honestly say I have 40 years of experience. I have no formal training to brag about, no art education to flaunt, in fact I spent 17 years of my adult life working for the man (UPS). Everything I do is self taught which in recent years has given me an edge, a look and ideas that are different from my contemperaries, because they are my own rather than what Ive been taught like all the rest. In 2005 I decided to become an artist
full time and quit that day job! My specialty has become T-shirt designs, but my real passion is car design. Im well established in the hot rod world but my interests expand in all directions automotive. Design is everywhere, in everything... From the 6 sides oF a pencil to the screen your reading this on, someone had to design it.


... I grew up in spokane washington. ive owned hundreds of interesting cars, even a real barris kustom, the astra coupe. over ten years ago I formed thee inland emperors club with my best friend Jonny g and now, thanks to him and the rest of our club and amazing cars they build, thee emperors are recognized all over the us. in 2012 I left spokane for Minniapolis Mn. and am planning all new things with my lovely lady Stacie... watch for a rod and kustom "happening" comeing in 2013!

...Over the last decade my work has been published over 100 times in almost every magazine that counts. I have done design work on several high profile show cars, magazine feature cars, record setting cars, ect... I have helped expand and brand the look of companies like Billetproof, Goodguys and Rodders Journal. I have designed cars for EA games (video games), been involved with AMT/MPC model kits and even dabbled in Cycle design for a TV show. My list of recognizable clients and associates include: AE games, A&W Canada, AMT/MPC, Andys Tees, Austin speed shop, Behind Bars inc., Billetproof, Boyd Coddington, Budwieser, California Hot Rods, Custom magazine, Firebird Raceway, Garage magazine, Gene Winfield, Goodguys, Jolly Rancher candy, High Octane apparel, Hop Up magazine, Hot Rod magazine, Hot Rod deluxe magazine, KOA, Kustom magazine (french), Kustom Truck magazine, LA roadsters, Mercury Charlie, Old Skool Rods magazine, Rod n Custom magazine, Redbull, Rodders Journal, Rust Revival, Speedway, Yaegermeister, BLA, BLA, BLA... YOU GET THE PICTURE!

...Be it shirts, stickers, posters, logo design, concept art, pin-stripeing, consulting, pen, pencil, paint, digital, realism, cartoon, monster style... I can do just about all of it, and I what I cant.... I can fake!

Thanks for reading, JEFF ALLISON