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nordic saphire profile 1.9 Radar Apache 2021.jpg


     The Nordic Sapphire is my second major Riviera design. Originally I contacted to put together designs for a car that would have an over all vintage italian design studio feel to it and so that is where we started. the owner really wanted a Ferarri California style tail light and so I worked that into the design as well. One piece front lamps compliment the custom tail lights, reworked bumpers front and back, reworked rockers, de-peaked hood with custom trident spears and many, many other touches.. I thought it should a wheel design proper to its age and after many options chose a rare turbine / mag mixture called the Apache.


  Interior and engine would also follow the design studio treatment.


  After many months working on this project I eventually went to work for shop that was building it, Shine speedshop. The project made it to about 75% complete but was never finished and I believe is for sale.         


nordic saphire profile 1.8 wires 2020.jpg
nordic concept scoop trim A 1_18_18.jpg
enigine bay a.jpg
nordic concept rear A 1_18_18.jpg
apache 1_edited.jpg
nose 10.jpg
tail light render 1.jpg
nose 12.jpg
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