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Scareylady Z

   I did the Scareylady Z for my friends at Hells Gate Hot Rods. They had built an LS powered chassis and wanted to do something more than just a standard widebody kitted Z, so I started by adding a G-nose. I had never seen the G nose and wide body together, it looks excellent. I designed a hood that would look natural, blend into the OEM dash design but also hide the LS intake... the exposed aluminum treatment I then added to the exhaust cutouts and elsewhere. To add a bit more of JDM look I put together a Tail light idea that borrows from the mighty GTRs yet retains the OEM tail light panal.

   for paint I offered up many variations, the basic BRM look is what we ended up going with.   

interior 1.2.jpg
ruffnose 2.3.jpg
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