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  Dave MacDonald was a Corvette and Cobra racing legend who died too soon, in a Mickey Thompson Indy car in 1964. I was fortunate in being part of recreating his revolutionary 1961 Corvette special. It was late 2019 while working with Shine speedshop, I was shown a couple of bent up tubes that represented a Max Bolchouski Old Yeller chassis and a few photos of the car back in 1962, and was tasked with figuring out how to recreate it while Master builder Paulo Dosdoglirian started the fab work .

   Like a crime scene detective I then scoured every source I could think of to find clues and information about the car, figuring out every possible detail and then acquiring those pieces.

   First of all we would have to figure out how to recreate that modified Vette body, no small task. I tracked down a reproduction vette body company in western washington and with a blueprint I had made,  had them create a body. And that body was awful! after many hours of personally cutting and reshaping it we had a buck to bodywork and then pull a new body from. 

dave macdonald 00 corvette 1961special allison design
00 corvette special dave macdonald 1961 jeff allison design
1961 00 macdonald corvette special jeff allison designart

Rich MacDonald and Jimmy imagining what will be

CUTAWAY Dave Macdonald corvette special allison design 00

  Shop owner Jimmy Shine tracked down the complete correct numbers 327 fuelie and 4 speed and figured out the crazy torsin bar rear suspension. I pieced together a full set of correct 1963 Magnesium american mags and actually had the rare Pontiac finned brake drums and 6 tail light set up in my own stash. The drums had been in storage on my moms patio for almost 20 years:)... figuring out and finding the correct 59ish Benz gauges, Porsche seat and various period parts and do-dads to make it right became a huge task... and we even had things like the flat vette style steering wheel made. 

Max Balchowsky looks on while Dave MacDonald (1).jpg
dave macdonald in corvette special4a.jpg
Dave MacDonalds 1961 custom Corvette Special Old Yeller 5.jpg
corvette special 00 macdonald shine speedshop
pontiac finned drums moms patio macdonald corvette 00

  with Avon racing tires and Towel city cheater slicks, large hoop roll bar, crazy pipes and so many other uncommon details this car looks 100% legit... and really, the only way it could have been any more so is to have smashed a couple of key body sections and then fixed them. 

frankenvette dave macdonald 00 corvette special allison design
2023-06-15 (22) copy.jpg
macdonald corvette special ernie nagamatsu

  Unfortunately I missed out doing some of the pin striping but that was all handled by my friend Harpoon, and the rest of the paint and body prep was done by Hitoshi at Cambra speed shop.  


We are all very proud of how it turned out and check out how happy Daves son Rich is sitting in it 55 plus years later !

Pontiac drums fresh from

my moms patio :)

the Frankenvette body after re-cutting it.

Body attempt 1

Jimmy and Paulo explain the rear torsion bars to owners Ernie and Elaine 


Finally complete and on display where it debuted in Kent Washington with some track wheels on it. Daves son Rich behind the wheel and very happy :)

rich macdonald corvette special old yeller race car 1961
rich dave macdonald corvette special 1961 race car
00 vette SPEC SHEET 7-27 sm.jpg

Dave   MacDonald  Corvette Special


dave MacDonald Corvette special 00 shine speed shop build max balchowsky old yeller II
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