Jeff Allison / Almost-cool / Allison design

   A child of the 60s, I was born and raised in the Inland Northwest, briefly transplanted to the mid west, and am currently thriving in sunny SoCal. My journey designing cars professionally began when I was 17 years old. Along the way I spent many years working a "day job" as a UPS driver, but soon after the turn of the century became a full time freelance designer.

    I have been a "recognized" name in the hot rod/custom culture/lowbrow art scene for many years, and co-created the well known car club "Thee Inland Emperors". I've even been lucky enough to own an actual "Barris" kustom, the 1951 ASTRA coupe...


   My work has been published in hundreds of magazines. I have designed AMBR and RIDLER contenders, cover cars, record setting cars, cars for video games and toy lines, and apparel and merchandise for countless well known clients.  I am perhaps most proud of my connection to Star Wars, and the line of Star Wars Hot Wheels cars I helped create... My Clients list include General Motors, Acura, Mattel, EA Games, Galpin Ford (GAS), Jagermeister, Disney, Lucas film, Billetproof,  Speedway motors, Goodguys, Walden speed shop, Jimmy Shine, SEMA and so many more. 

    I am proud to say that I am self taught and have three decades of experience. An expert conceptual sketch artist, skilled in several forms of digital art from Adobe suite to 3-D modeling, and respectable with a paint and brush. My design sense has been proven time and time again   

   Whatever your project might be, from complete build concept art to a new shop shirt design, I am sure I can offer you fresh ideas and help you achieve the goal. Or, take a peek in my store for some original art, prints and apparel.