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     The GSX Special basically came about out of necessity. While I was at Shine we had a client bring us a 52 Buick project that had been around for awhile, been worked on by shop after shop and in my opinion had become an abomination mixture of Kustom and street rod, and it was full of bad body filler. but it had a nice after market chassis, suspension and drivetrain. After much thought  the remedy seemed obvious, rebody it. 

   I set out to find us a car thinking a sedan or maybe even a wagon could be found for a reasonable amount, what I found was this cherry hardtop for sale in MT. 

   A restoration had been started 20 plus years earlier but not finished, and I loved the Hirohata merc Green paint combo... it was exactly what we needed!   

   The idea was to combine the two and create a kind of fifties version of a Buick GS muscle car to match the drivetrain. 

   With the BB chevy dressed out like some 50s version of GS Ram air, muscle car inspired interior and big billet wheels imagined like OEM hub caps (made by EVOD) the finished project is a stand out anywhere it goes.      

buick roadster concept_edited.jpg
2023-06-15 (10)_edited.jpg


the original bad body

wheels cut by EVOD

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