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1966 Corvette Tigershark concept rear

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 The Tigershark design is a tribute to head of gm design, bill mitchel. it came from my love of GM concept cars, and is inspired by a combination of the Corvette Makoshark i and II, the corvette grand sports, and just a touch of tom daniels famous custom street 'vette.


  originally designed to have a shark like fade paint job, concealed indirect lighting, finned aluminum ports and a shaker style air intake, the only "rule" i had to follow was that it had to be orange.


  contruction began in 2023 and was looking fantastic in early 2024! however, without MY continued direction I SUSPECT it has taken a less visionary direction TOWARDS becoming just another "customized" corvette.

   check out some of those crazy variations i put together along the way, and the inspiration behind this design.

1966 Corvette Tigershark concept front
1966 corvette tigershark hood - scoop detail
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