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   Novacaine is one of my favorites! The owners, nicest people ever, bought the 67 chevy ii at auction. thats it when it showed up below, It had been built in the 90's and they wanted to freshen it up. super nice but It had dated wheels, dated interior and an awful scoop that covered the blown small block. 

     As work began I named it Novacaine, which stuck, and I suggested an idea for wheels that I first proposed for a project almost 10 years ago. Since the name and wheels are my primary input on this project lets explore the idea behind them!  

    I love torque thrust but hate how the centers look when they blow them up to 17" and beyond sizes, because they need that big step lip to look right, to catch the light and bling! So, for a '56 Chevy sema project I did with walden speed shop and holley a while back (see 56 delray) I proposed a chunky step down tq design. when novacaine came along i knew it was the right car to propose the wheels on again and, after some concept renderings, everyone agreed!! this is a perfect example of how a good idea evolves into reality! 

  the wheels were cut to fit a 3-piece drag hoop and i even created tq style aluminum foil stickers for the custom center caps. the finished car is bitchin' and you can find out more about the rest of the upgrades on the old anvil site.


the Old wheels

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