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     The Trans Continental Safari is based on a what if Pontiac made this trim level in 59, instead of it being a 57 only trim... there are many reworked and newly created trim parts combined with uber rare factory parts I had to track down. The interior is a mix of era correct cloth patterns and vinyls designed with higher end 59 Bonneville A-semetrical interior designs as a starting point.   The steering wheel was custom made to have clear upper and lower sections, much like the Grand Prix wheels a few years later. Wood lament flooring with stainless strips. Custom grills filled with a stainless and brass rod mesh. 

    these cars had a huge amount of style to begin with so all I have really done is refine what was already there.

   currently almost completed by Shine Speed shop       

Trans Continental 

randy interior design c.3 3.21.jpg
randy interior design b.3 3.21.jpg
steering wheel b.jpg
rear samples.jpg
front samples.jpg
1959-pontiac-catalina-safari-wagon 10 31.jpg
concept rear.jpg
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