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Fold up downloadable files

  Here is the fold up paper stuff I do! Funny pages funny cars, advertising hand outs, hot rods and customs... heck, I've even done fold up carburetors... To make it easy, I currently am selling the fold up items as a downloadable file you can download and print, or have printed, yourself. I sell all of these in printed form also so just hit me up if you prefer to purchase pre-printed fold up cars for a little more. Look at what I have because I'm always adding more, I may have some listed that are a FREE download, and will be adding videos on how to fold some of the more difficult ones and other tips.  

   Folded up these are roughly the size of a 1/25 scale model kit.. FOR BEST RESULTS, I strongly suggest that these get printed on a slightly heavier card stock paper which is available pretty much anywhere, any print shop, Kinkos Fedex, UPS store, Office depot, ect... AND, that they are printed on something better than a standard home printer. Its very easy to take or send the file to your closest print shop and have it printed, costs about 40 cents. Once printed all you need are scissors, tape and some patients... and they look pretty rad clear coated when they are done!  

   After making a purchase it is perfectly fine to print an extra or 2 in case you mess up, or one for your kid, or whatever... Its the honor system here and I just ask that you do not excessively print, redistribute or RE-SELL the files...    

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