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the Blunderbolt

   The Blunderbolt is my baby. it was in a Hot Rod magazine readers letters, 1986, when i first became aware of the Ford Thunderbolt super stock drag cars. I was fascinated and immediately fell in love with the idea of having one or a fake one at least, and set out to find a 64 Fairlane. I found a little old lady with one not far from where I grew up and proceeded to hound her until she sold it to me. It was a twilight blue base sedan, 6 cylinder 3 on the tree... over the years I had several different motors and trans in it and it progressively got nicer and faster, and I really liked to go fast... eve spent a night in jail once after being caught street racing. I sold the car when I became a dad but a few years later bought it back in pieces. It wasn't the same the second time around and so it was eventually sold again.         

Tbolt gt40.jpg

     I always wanted to get another one though and almost bought several of them over the years, the deals just never panned out though.

   One day in 2019 this one popped up for sale on line while I was looking for some parts. It seemed to call to me, I had to have it. It wasn't the exact car I had sold so many years earlier but it seemed to have that cars spirit and was already progressing down the exact plan I always had for my earlier one. 

   Since acquiring it I have worked hard at making it appear to be a period perfect Thunderbolt barn find. It has a 351W, (soon toploader 4 speed), 456 9 inch, glass nose, etc...  

blunder mill.png
blunder anvil.png


blunderbolt 2.jpg
2023-06-15 (1) copy.jpg

barn fresh!  

blunder game.png
alt thunder.png

the Blunderbolt in a video game !

2023-06-15 (5)_edited.jpg
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