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 this set of prints isnt for everyone, but is for the midcentury design minded person. Four of my own phony (faux) designs based on 1955 GM Nomad wagon styling. These are done ruff sketch style on GM styling studio paper I reproduced from an original GM studio 1955 Cadillac sketch. (the original paper was a yellowish onion 16x20 paper). Each set of 4 8x10 prints is numbered and unique with hand written notes and directions as though the sketches had been submitted to a higher up exec, like Harly Earl hisself... the prints come framed as shown, frames have glass and are pre-painted in the 4 colors shown which perfectly compliment any Eams furniture or nelson clock. I am only producing 15 numbered sets of these prints like this, when they are gone they are gone... and I intend on doing a few more similar themed sets in the future....


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