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PAPER SPEED shop fun pack is back!!!! . Check out the pic, you get 16 pages of fun activities... Pull out the staple and page one is a nice piece of art for the wall, signed and numered by me. You will need scissors and tape to cut out, fold up and tape the fodable Hot Rod, shop truck and FlatHead v8 included (maybe some color pens or pencils also)... plus you get the customizing pages.. start with the barn find A roadster and cut out all the speed equippment parts to mix and match your own versions... zillions of combinations can be made or, try your hand at drawing your own extra parts!!!... I even give you a quick lesson in how to draw.. PLUS, a sticker sheet!! you have to cut those also.... I created and released this almost ten years ago and sold out instantly, presume the same will happen this time.

keep in mind this is one of a kind custom art hand created by me, even assembly of the booklets!!! 


priority flat shipped to kep it flat!!



PAPER speed shop

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